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The Claygate Collection, Masons Avenue, Ebbsfleet, Kent DA10 1DS

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Minimum income required

Minimum income required##


Full property value*


25% mortgage value


5% deposit required


Monthly costs

Monthly mortgage payments#


Monthly rent payments**


Monthly service charge***


Total monthly cost



95.0 sqm / 1022 sqft



Living area


Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2


Bedroom 3


*Prices are subject to change, but correct as at April 2019.

**Rent per annum is charged at 2.75% of the unsold equity and is reviewed annually.

***Services charges are reviewed annually, are currently estimated and could vary. Final service charge figures will be provided to Buyers and their Solicitors as part of the purchase process.

# Fixed Rate Mortgage with an interest rate of 3.99% over a 25 year repayment term (longer repayment terms are available depending on age/s of applicant/s).

## Minimum incomes are calculated using a 5% deposit, based on HCA affordability rules and with no outstanding credit commitments or dependants. Higher deposits and savings can help reduce the minimum incomes.